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Have a unique mix of nuts to reflect the upmarket status of your hotel, we already supply other hotels with an individual mix of nuts prepackaged for bulk supply.

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Bar Snacks, Hot Nuts, Cold Nuts, Bar Nuts & Pub Nuts
… the complete bulk offering at competitive pricing

Wasabi Crunchy
Coated Peanuts

Chilli Crunchy
Coated Peanuts

Thai Red Curry Crunchy
Coated Peanuts

Honey and Salt
Roast Peanuts

Salt and Black
Pepper Cashews

Honey and Salt

Salt and Roast

Roast and Salted

Hotel Mix

Smoked Almonds

Why settle for just packets of nuts that look decidedly downmarket, when you can have a presentation that looks remarkably upmarket and delivers greater perceived value to the customer.

An independent bar in a local town can earn as much as £2500 per year from our nut machines. Contact us today to find out just how easy it is to sell the most recognised Hot Nut brand in the industry.

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We supply catering and wholesale packs in bulk

Standard Nut Mixes
  • Choose from our varied range of high margin products
  • Nut warming machine on loan if required
  • Branded point of sale items
  • Minimum 10+ kilo shipments for free delivery
Bespoke Nut Mixes
  • Choose from our standard range or your own specific requirements
  • Specify your mix to suit your budget
  • A unique mix to reflect your upmarket image
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