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Things are often better when they’re bigger and that’s certainly true when you buy from the Hot Nut Company. Buying in bulk will mean the same great flavours of our product with savings to be made in price but at no cost to quality. Purchasing in bulk is also a great way of ensuring that you have a healthy stock of our products and, when our products have a shelf life of up to six months, buying in bulk will reduce your risk of a shortfall in the stock of these products, helping you keep a regular turnover.

With the best quality nuts and the most tantalising flavours, we can offer bulk purchases on our entire range. At the Hot Nut Company, we also understand the importance of quality with individuality and that’s why, together with our standard range of wholesale bar snacks, we are able to offer you the ability to have your own unique mix of nuts to suit your business, customers and clientele. With our deliciously sweet, salty or spicy nuts we know it can be difficult to decide on which flavours from our range to select. As a result, nuts can be mixed to your specification; what’s more, we can enable bulk sales of these bespoke products too.

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When you buy in bulk from the Hot Nut Company the cost-effective savings are obvious, starting at free delivery for every order over 10kg, our bulk sales offer great value for money and can be tailored to suit any budget.  It’s true that our high-quality product, competitive pricing and excellent flexible service are the reasons we have been supplying bar snacks to the industry for over 15 years.

All of our bulk nut products come from a SALSA accredited supplier too, which means they are compliant with legal requirements for food safety as well as prepared in accordance with the industry’s best practice.

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Wholesale & Retail Nuts

At the Hot Nut Company, we provide a wide range of wholesale nuts that can be supplied directly to the consumer point of sale, giving you a potential extra revenue stream and your customer a taste sensation to enjoy at your premises. We’re confident that anyone who’s tasted our products will know straight away that the nuts we stock and sell are the finest in quality and flavour.

Our nut products are sought after by any number of businesses of all different shapes and sizes and we are capable of being flexible and adaptable to suit them all – be they pub, café, fine restaurant, or hotel chain. Not only are we confident in our product, but also in the way we provide it with great customer service and competitive pricing.

With the best quality nuts, we can produce the best quality products right through roasting to flavouring to packaging. As well as having the best quality, we also have a wide range of products from sweet Honey Cashews (roasted and glazed to perfection) through to Salted Pistachios (a delicious accompaniment to any cocktail) and even on to downright spicy with our Wasabi, Chilli-coated or Thai Red Curry Peanuts (where the flavours of the Orient await). We can offer these products together, or individually, direct to larger manufacturing businesses and to customers seeking their own branded products.

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With our wide range of nuts for wholesale, we can also offer durable, freshness sealed jars and scoops. These jars and scoops can sit neatly on your bar, highly visible to your customers. So as to promote sales even further, we also offer A4 chalkboards as a selling-aid.

Our products have a minimum shelf-life of three months and a maximum of six months. All of our nut products are SALSA accredited which means they come from a supplier who not only complies with the legal requirements for food safety, but also with enhanced expectations of best practice, as a result, we can offer the highest quality wholesale nuts.

Take a look at our Wholesale Nuts.