New Hot Nut Dispenser

Whilst nut products are our passion, we are committed to serving them to the consumer in different and more interactive ways. On this basis, the Hot Nut Company can offer your business a free nut-warming dispenser for a greater customer experience. The Hot Nut Dispenser is a machine that keeps our Hot Nuts warm until they are ready to be dispensed to the customer – the flavours, aromas and textures being intensified with the heat.

Serve either our Crunchy Chilli-coated Peanuts or our Thai Red Curry Peanuts in the Hot Nut Warmer where the ultimate consumer can see the nuts as they are warmed, making them more appealing and desirable. The Hot Nut Warmer can be positioned on your bar, or anywhere visible from the customer area, designed to stylishly display the Hot Nuts in an hygienic manner while protecting and preserving the product from crushing or spilling.


Displaying the Hot Nuts in the Hot Nut Dispenser, they are shown as a high-value product. The portion size for each sale is relatively low and so profit returns with the Hot Nut Dispenser are increased dramatically. You also have the option of branded cups for the Hot Nuts, as well as the ability to brand the Hot Nut Warmer itself. The popularity of this machine is clear in the nut sales it produces and customers love the appeal of it, as well as the irresistible flavour of the Hot Nuts themselves.

Since the Hot Nut Warmer is supplied free on loan from the Hot Nuts Company, the only cost to you is for the nuts. The Hot Nut Warmer plugs into any standard electrical socket and is virtually maintenance free – when the nuts run out, simply pick up the phone and order some more from us. This is the ultimate way in which to provide and prepare Hot Nuts, increasing the taste sensation and the demand for the product all in one easy step.

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