Buy Nuts In Bulk - Things are often better when they’re bigger and that’s certainly true when you buy from the Hot Nut Company. Buying in bulk will mean the same great flavours of our product with savings to be made in price but at no cost to quality.
New Hot Nut Dispenser - Whilst nut products are our passion, we are committed to serving them to the consumer in different and more interactive ways. On this basis, the Hot Nut Company can offer your business a free nut-warming dispenser for a greater customer experience. The Hot Nut Warmer is a machine that keeps our Hot Nuts warm until they are ready to be dispensed to the customer - the flavours, aromas and textures being intensified with the heat.
Wholesale & Retail Nuts - At the Hot Nut Company we provide a wide range of nuts for retail, giving you a potential extra revenue stream and your customer a taste sensation to enjoy at your premises. We’re confident that anyone who’s tasted our products will know straight away that the nuts we stock and sell are the finest in quality and flavour.