Nuts Machine and Hot Nut Dispensers

Hot nut machine with cupsHot nut machine


Buy our Nuts machine on its own, or compliment it with a hot nut dispenser for a greater customer experience.

Our Hot Nuts machines are great value for money. Since the Hot Nut dispenser is supplied free on loan, you only pay for the nuts. The Hot Nut Machine simply plugs into a spare socket and is virtually maintenance free – when the nuts run out, pick up the phone and order some more.

Hot Nut Dispensers – The Benefits

With a nut dispenser, customers can buy hot nuts in small portion sizes. This means you can increase your returns by placing a hot nut machine at your point of sale, where it can easily be accessed.

Additional benefits include:
• Cups, dispensers and promotional materials branded with your logo and colours
• Our hot nut machine can vend a range of hot nut flavours, including hot spice chilli, tikka masala, and smoked paprika half coated peanuts
• Nuts can be sold in jars at your sales counter
• Suitable for UK bars, pubs, hotels, social clubs and others.
• All our products are sourced and manufactured in the UK
• If you stock any of our products, we will give you a free hot nut machine

Wholesale Accounts

The Hot Nut Company offers wholesale accounts to businesses who will require repeat orders and refills for nut dispensers and hot nut machines. This is a cost-effective way to boost your sales and keep your guests and customers coming back for more.

See here for more information on how this works…

Get in touch to find out how a nut dispenser and nuts machines can help your business can generate additional revenue.

Hot Nut Dispenser Machine Dimensions
Height: 524mm Width: 183mm Depth: 183mm

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