Wholesale Bar Snacks

Once your customers have had a taste of our products they will see the quality for themselves. We can also provide points of sale items to increase sales further

We stock a wide range of nuts and confectionery, available with our durable, freshness sealed jars and scoops, which sit neatly on your bar, where they are highly visible to your customers, particularly if you utilise our A4 chalkboards as an aid. Our products have a minimum shelf life of four months and up to 9 months.

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Markets we currently supply wholesale nuts to


Travel & Leisure


Hotel Mini Bar

Food Service

All the attached products can be branded packed and supplied as customers own label. HNC Full Factory Product List.

Own label products can also be packed into Sachets, Jars, Pots, Trays, Cartons, Buckets and bulk catering bags.


All supplied in 2.5kg bags
Wasabi nuts in bowl

Wasabi Peanuts

Chilli Coated nuts in bowl

Chilli Coated Peanuts

Honey nuts in bowl

Honey Peanuts

Smoked almonds in bowl

Smoked Almonds

Wasabi peas in bowl

Wasabi Peas

Salted pretzels in bowl

Salted Pretzels

Cashews in bowl

Salt and Roast Cashews

Chilli rice cakes in bowl

Chilli Rice Cakes

Cashews in bowl

Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts

Thai red curry peanuts in bowl

Half coated Smoked Paprika

Thai red curry peanuts in bowl

Tikka Masala Peanuts

Satay broad beans in bowl

Satay Broad Beans

Honey cashews in bowl

Honey Cashews

Lounge mix in bowl

Lounge Mix

Salted pistachios in bowl

Salted Pistachios

Cashews in bowl

Salt & Black
Pepper Cashews

Hotel mix in bowl

Hotel Mix

Chargeable Ancillaries

(unless otherwise stated)

Freshness Sealed Jars
Plastic Scoops
A4 Chalkboards
Nut Warming Machines (free on loan)

Freshness Sealed Jars   |   A4 Chalkboards   |   Nut Warming Machines (free on loan)

All of our nut products are supplied by a SALSA accredited supplier.